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"The name of the company are the best words to describe my experience.


Their knowledge and style for suits are impeccable. I've never felt the difference clothing can make until I wore my wedding suits that they custom made.

Every aspect was so personalized that not only my suit but the entire experience was tailored to me and my family. 

Most importantly to Chris Martin: Thank you for  making me look and feel so amazing for my wedding. You created the perfect image for my groomsmen and I. The choices you made represent how impressive your mind is for fashion. Someone you can trust for the quality of the product and his service. Top of the line."


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  • Merril Lynch Wealth Advisor

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"The Elegance team are always there for my clothing needs. It is always a perfect custom fit. Whenever I need them they are there and they deliver every time."

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    • The Family Church

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