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Michael Edwards is now the founder and owner of Elegance Custom Clothiers, which specialize in men’s custom apparel and formal wear. Elegance opened its first store in 1986 under Elegance Custom Tailors and later incorporated in 2009 under Elegance Custom Clothiers LLC.  


Through his own efforts, Michael has grown the Elegance brand into a high-quality company that will only grow with time. Elegance Clothing is well known and worn by many professional athletes and prominent business figures. Elegance continues to broaden its business by working and partnering with companies within and outside of the United States, which we have built great relationships across the world to add to our already successful clientele.


The title of master tailor cannot be worn without countless years of working at the art of tailoring. Michael Edwards is able to wear the title of a master tailor with over 40 years of experience to his name. As a child, Michael was considered a prodigy for his unmatched gifts and abilities. With an education from other top tailors, Michael has enhanced those gifts to become one of the most revered tailors in the business.

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